Extending into the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean coast, Algeria is located in Northern Africa. Islamic heritage outlines the customs, history, and language of Algeria. While in Algeria, enjoy greenery at a botanical garden, Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma. The garden is the perfect place for agricultural plans due to the increase of water in the area along with the cooler climate. Enjoy scenic walking areas of Pic des Singes. The red mountains are a calm, relaxing, and beautiful place to visit.

With a Mediterranean and North Africa blend of flavors, Algerian food is a must-try. Plates in Algeria are created from the foundations of meats, veggies, and cereals. A famous dish is called Couscous, which is made with semolina and meat stew. The plate is generally eaten on Fridays following old traditions. Another cultural dish is Tajin Zitoun, which is a chicken and olive dish. Zitoun is particularly famous during Ramadan and eaten with bread. An annual festival to attend is the Pan-African Cultural Festival. This festival includes performances and exhibitions all over Algeria with thousands of artists, actors, musicians, authors from the African Union.

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