Experience the adventures offered in Angola. While not your traditional tourism spot, Angola is a spot where you can experience a county and immerse yourself in the culture. In Angola, visitors will receive an authentic experience. The weather is tropical, and the road conditions are poor, which does not seem to bother the locals. Tourists come to Angola to witness untouched nature, wildlife, and diversity. Fish, seafood, beef, goat, and pork are essential parts of the Angolan food chain. Dishes are commonly completed with plantains, veggies, sweet potatoes, beans, and rice. Angola is known for its extensive wildlife.

Out of all the countries in Africa, Angola is the perfect place to admire plants and animals. When looking at the best place to spot wildlife, consider Kissama, a wildlife sanctuary. Hikers will enjoy the beautiful sights from the Tundra Vala Fissure. Spectacular waterfalls can be viewed from Dala Waterfalls. An important holiday in Angola is Carnival Tuesday on February 16. Carnaval is the most celebrated holiday with parades and festivities happening around the country

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