Semi-arid Aruba, which also encompasses Curaçao and Bonaire, is home to the divi-divi tree, aloe, and the Arawaks. It is barely 12 degrees above the equator off the coast of Venezuela in the South Caribbean, soaking up the sun like no other.

Tourists visiting Aruba at any time of year will likely encounter a significant athletic or cultural event honoring the island’s varied peoples. The yearly Carnival, which includes a massive procession, is the most popular. In addition, Hi-Winds is one of the world’s most prestigious windsurfing events.

In peak season, beginning in February, the most extraordinary event of the year involves several weeks of celebrations. With street festivals, local music, competitions, and games, Oranjestad is the place to go to enjoy the best of everything. The Grand Parade on the last day, when an effigy of King Momo is set alight, is particularly stunning.

Aruba is well-equipped to cater to the demands of a diverse audience, with dining choices to suit all tastes. Restaurants offer flavors, from fast food and steaks to the freshest seafood and French cuisine, providing entertainment. Aruba is very pricey, and in high season, the best restaurants demand advanced reservations. There are a lot of taverns, clubs, and pubs. Thus the nightlife is very fantastic. Balashi Beer is the local beer, and it’s rather good.

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