The Bahamas, which translates to “shallow seas,” was discovered by Columbus and conquered by the British. It is one of the world’s most well-known vacation spots. This sprawling archipelago between Florida and Haiti is home to beautiful islands, cays, and beaches that you may enjoy year-round because of the mild climate. Americans and Europeans go to the Bahamas in the Winter for the sun, white beaches, fantastic diving, boating, fishing, and high-end resorts and hospitality.

In the form of music and dance, evidence of West African heritage and culture abounds. Many festivals honor this history, with parades in town including loud singing and dancing, steel drums clanking, and people dressed in particularly extravagant costumes. The end-of-the-year Junkanoo is the most popular event, lasting well into the new year.

Locals like celebrating and having a good time, and there is usually a colorful carnival in the Bahamas. Junkanoo, a street carnival in Nassau that runs from Boxing Day to New Year’s Day, is the most important event on the Bahamian calendar. If you’re in the Bahamas in mid-July, don’t miss the Independence Day celebrations.

More restaurants and cafés are on Paradise Island and in Freeport City, Grand Bahama, than anywhere else. Non-guests and those who have pre-purchased a package may enjoy some of the greatest dinings at all-inclusive resorts. There are also several independent eateries and fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC in the main towns.

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