It is a country in Western Europe, and it is famous for its medieval towns, Renaissance architecture, and headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinctive regions, including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the North, French-speaking Wallonia to the South, and a German-speaking community to the east. The bilingual capital is Brussels. The majority of Belgians are Roman Catholic, with relatively few Protestants and Muslims. 

In Belgium, the UNESCO World Heritage sites include the historic center of Brugge, La Grand-Place, The four Lifts on the old Canal du Centre, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai, Plantin-Moretus House Workshop Museum Complex, among others.

Belgium is called the land of music festivals and parades, including the annual Aalst carnival parades, the triennial Cat parade in Ypres, the septennial Lady Virga Jesse parade in Hasselt. The Horse Bayard of Dendermonde also takes place every ten years, carnivals of Binche and Stavelot and St. Nicholas day. 

Over 1000 different types of beer are brewed in Belgium, and every Belgian beer has a matching glass. Belgians also love to cook; the country is known for Moules Frites, speculaas, ham and endive gratin, waterzooi, and waffles and fries, a popular snack item. Belgian chocolates are renowned around the world and may be considered a cultural institution. 

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