The largest country in South America and Latin America is Brazil, popularly known for its Amazon rainforest, Football, Samba dance, and Carnival festivals. It is the fifth-largest country globally, made up of 26 states, and has a population of over 211 million.

The country is popularly visited by international tourists, primarily because it houses twenty-two world heritage sites. Some of these sites include Brasilia, Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia, Historic Centre of Sao Luis, Rio de Janeiro, Sitio Roberto Burle Marx, and Valong Wharf Archaeological Site.

Enjoy your time spent in Brazil by experiencing some of Brazil’s best cultural festivals and events. These festivals include Carnival Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, Festival De Cachaca, Reveillon Rio De Janeiro, Festa Junina, Olinda and Recife Carnival, Parintis Folklore Festival. They are filled with folklore, music, and dance to give you a feel of their rich indigenous culture.

Eating in Brazil is an absolute pleasure because the food varies greatly from region to region. With roots in African, Amerindian, and European epicurean traditions, some of the best tastes of their local cuisine can range from Feijoada, Tapioca, Pastels, Moqueca, Picanha. The same can be said of their beverages, including Alua, Leite de Onca, Rabo-De-Galo, Cajuina, and Batida.

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