With 7 million inhabitants, Bulgaria is a European country located in the southeastern part of the continent. The country is known as the oldest country in Europe and one of the top producers of rose oil globally.

Bulgaria is home to ten World Heritage Sites which consists of seven Cultural Heritage Sites and three Natural Heritage Sites. These sites are being funded and protected by UNESCO due to their importance to the human race. Some of these World Heritage Sites include the Ancient City of Nessebar, Boyana Church, Madara Rider, Pirin National Park, Srebarna Nature Reserve, and the Rila Monastery. 

Located in Bulgaria are other sites that serve as an attraction to tourists worldwide; these sites include the National art Gallery, Russian Church, Vrana Palace, Vitosha Mountain, Roman Stadium, Ancient Theatre, Krushuna Waterfalls, and Devetashka Cave. 

Bulgaria Festival celebrations have been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Some of these celebrations include the Rose Festival, Cherry Festival, Surva, Rozhen Festival, and Carnival of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo.

Bulgaria has a wide variety of local and traditional dishes; East European cuisines highly influence these dishes. While in Bulgaria, some beautiful foods you can enjoy includes Banitsa, Sarmi, Shkembe, Ezik v Masho, Oshav, and Kebapche. Bulgaria drinks include Mastika, Bulgarian wine, Red Misket, Dimyat, Ruen, and Pamid.

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