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Offering extensive plateaus and savanna, the former French colony in Burkina Faso gained its independence in 1960. The name Burkina Faso is translated to “Land of Incorruptible People. Visitors can expect hot and dry seasons with a few months of rainfall. In North Burkina Faso are savannas that come to life when it rains. Animal life can be seen throughout the savanna, including buffalo, antelope, hippos, elephants, monkeys, lions, and more. Arli National Park, located southeast of the country, is home to many animals. Visitors can see many species and take advantage of tours. When choosing a spot to see wildlife, consider Nazinga Reserve. The best time to spot elephants is between December to April.

Specialty food in Burkina Faso is Babenda. The dish is made up of a stew of fish, beans, and spinach. Rizgras is another dish cooked with onions, meat, and tomatoes. Tabaski Festival is celebrated alongside Ramadan and the Feast of Eid al Ftir. During the celebration, rams are sacrificed and the preparation is a family effort. The celebrations occur scattered throughout the months of June to August.

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