A small yet stunning country is Burundi. Filled with an abundance of nature, hippos and exotic birds attract visitors to the country. Burundi is also home to inland beaches. Bujumbura is a beautiful beach town to visit. The Living Museum is located in the area and is known as one of the best ones around, showcasing ancient crafts. Right outside of Bujumbura is the Rusizi River National Park that provides a home to many animals in the area, especially hippos. Buffalo, hippos, and crocodiles can be viewed from Ruvubu National Park.

Burundi is known for its specialty food, Ibiharage, which is red kidney beans with onion and chili. Boko boko harees is another dish made of chicken, beluga wheat, turmeric, and onion. Join Unity Day in Burundi on February 5. The day signifies the national unity constitution that came into effect in 1992. 

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