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A must-see chain of beautiful islands with a multitude of mountain and seaside locations is Cabo Verde. The white powder beaches with clear light blue water can be seen in Santa Maria. Day trips and nightlife are perfect in this area. Hikers should check out Cava. Amazing sights can be seen in Cava, including nature. Another popular hiking spot is the volcano, Pico de Fogo. The volcano can be climbed in nearly six hours. A green and beautiful city is the Ribeira Grande.

February is the perfect time to visit Cabo Verde during the colorful festival and carnival. Everywhere around the country visitors will find parties and music throughout the streets. Filled with windy roads, restaurants, and street markets, the area is a hotspot for tourists. Specialty food in Cabo Verde is Canja, a thick chicken soup cooked with rice. Catchupa is another must-have a specialty that is a stew made of corn, veggies, beans, tuna, or meat. 

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