Offering immense adventure, Chad is the home to oases within deserts and herds of wildlife that make their way into national parks. While the country is currently unsafe to travel to, there are a few items to include on your list once it is safe again. In Chad, the heat can be unbearable, so ensure to bring sunscreen and a hat. Many visitors travel to chad to venture upon the Sahara Desert, which is one of the most spectacular places in the world. The Lakes of Ouianga surround the Sahara Desert and provide water to animals in the area. Zakouma National park is a must-see in Central Africa that is a wildlife sanctuary.

Chad is known for multiple traditional cooking dishes. A few staple pieces include peanut sauce that is commonly served with rice. Try karkanji for a refreshing drink, a tea made up from hibiscus flowers. Join in on the festivities of the country during the Proclamation of the Republic held on November 28. Locals come together for festivities and fun.

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