Located off the coast of Africa is the perfect place to go off the grid, at least for a while. While there is not much to attract tourism in Comoros, it is a paradise of its own. Bananas and palm trees sway through the air and the blue sky. Swahili heavily influences the area, and alcohol is forbidden. White sand beaches and hiking in the rainforest are offered. Tourists can venture to local volcanoes as well. Moheli is one of the small white sand beaches that is undeveloped. Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales are commonly spotted. For a hiking adventure, Mount Karthala is an active volcano. The landscape is unique to hike, and travels should be prepared to be gone for at least two days.

Comoros food is heavily influenced by European and Middle Eastern dishes. Specialties in the area include langouste a la vanille, which is lobster that is boiled in a vanilla sauce. While in Comoros, consider visiting during a holiday to immerse yourself in the culture.

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