Some people imagine Cuba as a socialist government and guerilla warfare headed by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. While Cuba’s complicated history is unquestionably significant, it is only one of the many aspects of this fascinating country. Cuba has more to offer than meets the eye, with a rich culture marked by outstanding music, art, and dance, as well as a breathtakingly gorgeous environment.

Cuban culture is one of celebration, which means hundreds of different events are held throughout the country at various times throughout the year. The world-famous Santiago de Cuba Carnaval, which takes over the streets in July, and the Havana Carnaval, which takes place in the same month, are held in Cuba. If you want to celebrate the holidays in Cuba, bring your party clothes.

The restaurant sector in Cuba is overseen by the Cuban government, which has resulted in some unsatisfactory eating experiences. Paladares owned by families are an anomaly, and they are much less expensive than bigger businesses. Havana’s nightlife is regarded as the world’s liveliest and most colorful, but be prepared to dance until you drop since salsa is a mainstay in most Cuban clubs and bars.

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