Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a central European formerly known as Bohemia. It is bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. The country is famous because it ranks as the 7th safest country to live in, it is home to the largest ancient castle globally, and they are the world’s heaviest beer consumer. 

Czechia is home to fifteen Cultural Heritage sites and one Natural Heritage site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Some of these sites are the Garden and Castle at Kromeriz, the Great Spa towns of Europe, Litomysi Castle, and the Historic Center of Telc. Other sites in Czechia that attract tourists include Prague, Karlovy Vary, Charles Bridge, Harrachov Ski Jumping Station, Heed of Franz Kafka, Bohemian Switzerland National park, Terezin Concentration Camp, and Holy Trinity Column.

The Czech Republic has 30 national holidays and several other festival celebrations. Czechia’s most recognized celebrations are Let it Roll Festival, Ostrava, Transmission Festival, Summer Shakespeare Festival, Rock Festival, Christmas, Harvest Festival, Festival of the Burning Witches, Easter, and Lover’s Day. 

The local dishes in Czechia are more meat-based and influenced neighbouring cuisines. Some of the best must-try foods in the country are Rizek, Svickova, Gulas, Smoked Meat, Sunka, and Perniky. Must-try beverages also include Kofola, Tuzemak, Pilsner, and Bavorak.

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