Denmark is one of the few Kingdoms that make up the region of Scandinavia. It is famous for its architecture, inventions, high-quality design, and being named the happiest country globally.

Situated in Denmark are Seven Cultural Heritage Sites and three Natural Heritage sites. These sites are Steven Klint, Wadden Sea, Roskilde Cathedral, Kronborg Castle, Aasivissuit, Christainsfeld, Jelling Mounds, Kujataa Greenland, Ilulissat Icefjord, and The Par Force Hunting Landscape.

There are other sites and landmarks in Denmark that are worth visiting. Some of these include The Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, the National Museum of Denmark, the Marble Church, the National Gallery of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and LEGO house.

Denmark’s festivals vary from traditional celebrations to religious celebrations. There are various all-year-round festivals: the Rock Festival, Night of Culture, New Years’s Eve, Smukfest Festival, Tonder Festivals, Roskilde festival, Ester, International Worker’s Day, and Fastelavn.

Through the traditional Danish cuisine, you can learn more about the Kingdom’s history and cultural background. Most Danish recipes are passed down the generation from father and mother to children. Some of which include Smorrebrod (Open Face Sandwich), Kartlfler (Caramelized Potatoes), Risalamande (Almond Rice Pudding), Frikadeller (Pork Meatball), Flaeskesteg (Roast Pork with Crackling), Koldskal, Medisterpolse (FriedSausage), and Karbonadr (Breaded Pork Patties). Popular Danish drinks include Coffee, Chocolate Milk, Bitters, Beer, and Wine.

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