Nature and history enthusiasts will love Djibouti. Home to three different ethnic groups that live alongside each other in peace. Visitors will even be pleased to know that the Djiboutian people adore foreigners. Lake Assal, also known as Honey Lake, is at the end of the Gulf of Tadjoura and is the largest salt reserve. The lake is currently in the process of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site. The views at the lake are once in a lifetime breathtaking views. The Hanlé Plain is an area surrounded by mountains and small lakes. The area attracts birds, including the Egyptian Goose and the blake crake. When in Djibouti, the traditional food dishes are a must.

Sambuussa is a popular meal starter. The fried pastries are made of meat, veggies, and onions. A tasty dessert to indulge in are the banana fritters. Made with bananas, four, and nutmeg, be ready to fall in love. Dive into the culture of Djibouti when visiting during Fest’Horn, a special holiday celebration that occurs in mid-December. Performances occur throughout the area for all to enjoy.

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