Found on the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of the largest African countries and host to enchanting attractions. Christianity and Islamic religion played a role in the identity and history of this country.

During your visit, explore Harar, a historic and renowned Islamic city. It’s the oldest in Africa, dating back to the 16th century with about 99 mosques within its walls. Lalibela is a mind-blowing historic place. It’s the country’s most famous attraction due to its distinct architecture. Also, you can tour the most hostile place in Africa, the Danakil Depression. Or enjoy the serene and beautiful nature spots, the Simiens Mountains, Blue Nile fall, Rift Valley lakes, and animal sanctuaries. A visit to Omo Valley offers a glimpse of untouched Ethiopian culture and tradition.

Annually, there are two major festivals, Timkat and Meskel. They are the best and most famous invent you don’t want to miss. Lastly, Wat, a delicious stew made using berbere gives you a taste of the national dish. 

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