Finland is situated in northern Europe that shares land borders with Sweden, Russia, Norway, and the Gulf of Bothnia. Home to over 5.5 million people, its country’s capital and largest city is Helsinki. 

Finland is the third most prosperous country in the world due to its improved security, safety, and Great education system, and it’s often called the world happiest country in the world

Finland is home to 6 cultural heritage sites listed on the UNESCO world heritage site. Some cultural heritage includes the bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmaki, Fortress Of, Suomenlinna, Old Rauma, and Struve Geodetic Arc.

The Fins have various annual festivals, from the Helsinki Festival, the largest festival in Finland and holds from mid-august to early September, to Llosaarirock, a 3- day weekend festival, and many more. It also has a great variety of tourist attractions mentioning a few includes The Helsinki Cathedral, Museum Of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Ateneum

Fins also enjoy eating the Karjalanpiirakka, which is made from pastry and filled with mashed potato or rice pudding also; Mykyrokka,poronkaristys are also popular dishes. Milk is widely consumed in Finland as the annual consumption rate per person is 34.34 gallons making fins the world’s highest consumers of milk. Other popular drinks are Lakka, Sahiti, and Baltic porter.

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