French Guiana

French Guiana is a part of France located on the northeastern coast of South America. To the south and east, it borders Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast, and Suriname to the west. The region is the second-largest region in France, with 294,071 inhabitants.

Although not having any UNESCO World Heritage Site, the country houses an astounding diversity of wildlife like the Giant Anteater, Spider Monkey,  Giant turtle, and various colourful birds. Tourists can explore some of the top attraction sites, including the Guiana Amazonian Park, Devil’s Island, Guiana Space Centre, and Tresor Nature Reserve.

The holidays in French Guiana are celebrated with many jolly traditions, drinking, cultural performances, music, and all-day feasts. Some of these traditions include the Kings Carnival, New Year’s Day, Mardi gras, Ash Wednesday, Easter Monday, Victory Day, and Abolition of Slavery.

The Guyanese food can be described as appetizing due to its wide variety of culinary options that reflect its diverse cultural mix. These options consist of international and local cuisine such as Pepper pot, Metemgee, Chicken with Rice, Cookup, Fried Bora, Bake and Saltfish, Pepper Sauce, Plantain salad, Cassava bread. Their beverages also include Banks Beer, El Dorado Rum, Lime Juice, and Fresh Juice. 

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