Germany is a country in western Europe situated between the Baltic and north sea’s with a landscape of forest, rivers and north sea beaches. It’s the second-most populous country in Europe after Russia, with over  83 million people within its 16 constituent states; it borders Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, and many other countries. The largest urban area is the Ruhr.

Germany is home to many cultural heritage sites listed on the UNESCO world heritage site. Some cultural heritages include Aachen cathedral, Bergpark Wilhelmshohe, Classical Weimar, Cologne Cathedral Town of Bamberg and upper-middle Rhine valley, and many more. She also has many tourist attractions, including Neuschwanstein Castle, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Bilding, and Cologne Cathedral.

The Germans celebrate over 10,000 different festivals every year, from The Oktoberfest, the most famous, to the cologne carnival that takes place in Cologne, Germany every year in, one of the biggest and oldest carnivals, which takes place before Ash Wednesday and it’s often called the craziest party. 

Germans also enjoy eating numerous foods such as the wurst made from veal beef or pork with various ingredients and unique spice blends. Roulades, Kasespatzle, eintopf. Some popular beverages are punch, milk, mineral water (mineralwasser), Herbal Liqueur, and Tea.

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