Grenada is recognized as one of the Caribbean Sea’s island nations for its natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle. Grenada and its people enjoy a tropical environment and a calm lifestyle. They contribute industrially to the nation’s exportable wealth, hence earning the moniker “Spice Isle.”

Although most visitors come to Grenada for its beautiful scenery, the island also hosts various cultural events that make it an exciting and enjoyable destination at any time of year. The islanders love the pulse and beat of soca and calypso, and they love to dance carnival-style in true Caribbean style. The Grenada Carnival, also known as Spice Mas, takes place in August and represents the Grenadians’ boundless enthusiasm. The world-renowned Sailing Festival emphasizes the island’s strategic location at sea.

You’ll be treated to unique native Caribbean specialties on the three islands of Grenada and the smaller Grenadines. Oil down (pronounced ile dung by the locals) is the national meal, a stew-like mixture of local vegetables, coconut milk, saffron, and other spices. French cuisine is famous due to the country’s historical links, but there are plenty of foreign alternatives if you desire Western cuisine.

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