Based in West Africa, Guinea-Bissau is an excellent place for a tropical adventure. It’s a perfect fusion of indigenous and exotic treats. From beautiful beaches to dessert ridges, winding rivers, rainforests, savannah, and wildlife, are just a few to mention. To historians, there are colonial architectures like Fortaleza d’Amura and Bubaque Museum for a historical wander. To scout nature and wildlife, visit Orango Island for a hippo show, Lagoas Cufada, Dulombi-Boe, and Cantanhez National Parks. Y

assa Chicken, Egusi Soup, and Jollof rice mark Guine-Bissau’s main traditional dishes. For instance, Egusi Soup comprises a thick stew from squash seeds. And Yassa chicken is not only a favorite to Guine-Bissau but entire west-Africa. It’s a traditional dish prepared from chicken and sauce (tomato and onion). Lastly, Jollof rice is a traditional cuisine that comprises Rice, tomato paste, palm oil, and onions. Also, it includes fish or meat and vegetables.

To complete the cultural venture, attend Carnival, a national festival that combines the locals and Portuguese cultural traditions. 

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