Guinea’s a great bounty to nature and eco-tourists. Famous for Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, there are over 12,000 hectares of forest and wildlife within to explore. Having a mountain range, hikers and nature trail lovers can have all the fun they need.

You can start your excursion with a taste of the national dish, the Poulet Yassa. Thereafter, visit National Museum for Guinea’s historical past. Visit the Conakry Grand Mosque for architectural marvel. And thereafter, journey to Les Cascades De La Soumba for a spectacular view of the fall. And then continue with your eco-tour to other similar sites. They include the National Park of Upper Niger, Mount Nimba, Fouta Djallon Highlands, and Massif du Zama.

Finally, there are three prime festivals in Guinea that provide you with the country’s cultural experience. They are Macao Arts Festival, Festival des Arts de Conte and International Festival Kora et Cordes. 

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