Guyana is boarded by Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean, Suriname, and Venezuela. It is the only English-speaking country in South America. The province is famous for its beautiful nature, like the South Rupununi Savannah, the Kaieteur waterfalls (The World’s Largest Single Drop Waterfall), and its extensive Rainforests.

The country currently has no world heritage on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but there are properties that the state’s party intends to consider for nomination. These include St. Georges Anglican Cathedral, Fort Zeelandia, Shell Beach (Almond Beach), Georgetown’s Plantation Structure, and Historic Buildings. Landmarks that attract tourists to Guyana include the Kaieteur National Park, Orinduik falls, Mount Roraima, Shell Beach, and Iwokrama Forest.

Guyana festivals are celebrations that tourists can always look forward to. These celebrations range from Religious to non-religious, and everyone participates in each other festivities. Some of these festivals are Easter-International Food and Drink Fest, Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Phagwah, Boxing Day, and Muslim Festivals.The cuisine in Guyana can be described as tasty and comforting. The native dishes vary because of the six different ethnic groups that make up the country. Some of these native dishes and beverages include Pepperpot, Cassava bread, Grilled Fish, Bake and Saltfish, Fried chicken, Garlic Pork, Chicken Foot Sauce, Black Cake, Fried Rice, Mauby, Pineapple Wine, and Pawpaw Milkshake.

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