Hawaii, the most popular vacation spot in the northern Pacific Ocean, was controversially seized by the US in 1900, but it wasn’t until 1959 that it became a state. Hawaii is now the most popular vacation and honeymoon destination in the United States, earning the nickname “Aloha State” for its subtle vibe that attracts millions of visitors each year. Despite this, the archipelago hosts a wide range of spectacular festivities. The Aloha Festivals are, without a doubt, the most well-known across the islands, exhibiting all that distinguishes Hawaii’s culture. In terms of popularity, the Merrie Monarch Festival rivals Aloha. There are many cultural, historical, and sports events to enjoy throughout the year, no matter when you visit.

Even in the middle of contemporary development, Hawaii maintains a distinct indigenous culture. Many areas on the islands are off-limits to indigenous peoples. However, with prior permission, many of these locations are accessible to the public. Like many other water sports such as outrigger canoeing, Surfing is almost a religion in the state.

Pineapples aren’t a staple of Hawaiian cuisine, contrary to popular belief. Traditional Hawaiian, American, Portuguese, and Asian delicacies are among the local culinary delights, a fine blend of influences. Restaurants range from five-star sushi joints to traditional Hawaiian barbecues known as luaus and can be found throughout the archipelago’s tourist-rich areas.

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