Iceland’s history is intertwined with its severe environment, Viking ancestry, and Old Norse language. Many tourists imagine a more distant version of the Scandinavian nations. Still, they’ll be shocked to learn that Iceland’s culture is unique, with no resemblance to Norway, Denmark, or Sweden aside from its early Norse inhabitants.

Icelandic festivals and events commemorate a range of musical and cultural milestones, including the traditional Christmas and New Year holiday season, Easter, and Independence Day. The majority of the events occur in Reykjavik, some of them going back to the Viking era.

Although meal prices are high in Reykjavik and Akureyri, the quality is hard to surpass. Only one or two local cafes serve the unique Icelandic cuisine in most small towns and villages. Although some of the more exotic items, such as putrefied shark cubes, sheep’s fat, and pickled rams’ testicles, may come as a surprise, especially at festival times, They will take no offense if you respectfully reject. Most restaurants provide whale flesh as a delicacy.

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