As the second-most populous country in the entire world, India is a cultural epicenter that every world traveler must visit. With so many people and so much land to explore, weeks and weeks can be spent here without seeing it all. 

If you are going for the first time, it is important to start with a main, big city. Mumbai and Delhi are great options. Once you explore those, branch out and experience cities like Jaipur and attractions like the Taj Mahal. 

Also because of the size, there are tons of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact, there are 40 in India. These sites are focal points for culture and really good sites to behold. 

Indian food is growing in popularity all over the world, but having it as authentic as it gets will be a tremendous experience. India has such a unique culture and cuisine that you should take it all in and dive deep into the food scene. 

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