Also known as the State of Israel, it is located in Western Asia, with its capital being Jerusalem. IT has an estimated total area of about 22,000 square kilometers and an estimated population value of about 9.3 million, and it is populated mainly by Jews. The rest of the population is Arab and others (Samaritans, Armenians, Circassians, Druze, and Arameans). The official language is Hebrew.

Looking to have experience concerning nature, history, or religion, visiting any of the  World Heritage Sites in Israel provides the complete package. These sites include Acre, Tel Aviv, Masada, Beit Gurvin, Baha’i Holy Places, Beit She’arim, Tel Hazor, and Tel Be’er Sheva.

Israel is a country with many festivals and events where there is a show of religious and cultural heritage through music/concerts and art, environmental awareness, and many others. These festivals include the Safed Klezmer Festival, Jerusalem Summer Culture Festival, Karmeil Dance Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Jerusalem Beer Festival, Jacob’s Ladder Festival, Sukkot, Birkat Kohanim, Tel Aviv Night run, Jerusalem Festival of Light, Tel Aviv Illustration Week among others.

With the combination of local or traditional and Jewish food, Israel presents a variety of exquisite tasty meals. We have the Israel national dish Falafel, a fusion of chickpeas, fresh herbs, and spices formed into small balls. Others include Tabbouleh, Kubba, Sambusak, Sigarim, Tabina, etc. 

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