Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries by area, so it’s not surprising that it will have many attraction spots and centers for tourists and visitors. The country is a blend of cultures from different Asian cultures, ranging from the Soviet Union to the ancient Silk Road to the Nomadic lifestyle. Hence, visiting this country will expose tourists to a mix of cultures.

Nur-Sultan, the country’s capital, has been transformed into a 21st-century masterpiece of “bold futuristic architecture.” Almaty, another popular city in Kazakhstan, is known for its elegant restaurants and accommodations. Also, you’ll find the famous ALZhir Museum-Memorial Complex, a grand building in an elegant city.

With all these fantastic sites scattered across the cities, the major adventures can be found beyond the borders of the towns, in the green valleys and high mountains of Tian Shan, village guesthouses around the countryside, western deserts, underground mosques, etc.

Some special delicacies you can find in Kazakhstan are Kazi and Chuzhuk (horsemeat sausages), Shashlyk (skewered pieces of mutton barbecued over charcoal), Kaurdak (mutton stew), and Besbarmak. 

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