The small country of Kuwait can be found in the Arabian Peninsula nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is located in the Persian Gulf at the northwestern corner. Most of the population resides in Kuwait City, its capital.

Kuwait is among the world’s most urbanized nations due to its modern capital city of intermingled skyscrapers, mosques, and apartment buildings. Although Kuwait is the only country in its region that does not have any World Heritage Sites, it boasts of several cultural heritages like Sa’ad and Sae’ed Area in Failaka Island, the Abraj Al-Kuwait, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jabir Palace, and the Boubyan Island and Mubarak Al-Kabeer Marine Reserve, which are all worth seeing. Kuwait is also known for its beautiful islands, rich culture, and its numerous oil reserves. 

If on a trip to Kuwait, make sure to enrich your experience by having a bite of traditional Kuwait dishes, among which are the Machboos which is common to the Arab region, Quozi, the delicious Muttabaq Samak, Gers Ogaily (perfume cake), Jireesh (traditional Kuwaiti cracked wheat soup) and the Margoog. Drinks and refreshments to take in your travel through Kuwait are Laban, Sharbat baithan, Black tea served in delicate cups called istikana, Dried Lime tea, Karak tea, Arabic coffee, among others.

Important festivals and celebrations in Kuwait are the Kuwait National day, Qadir-e- Khumm, the Hala Festival, and the Liberation day.

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