Libya is a North African country with spoils of history for visitors. From remains of Greece Cities to Roman ruins and bustling metropolises like Benghazi, there’s enough to wow visitors. But even so, there are striking nature sites. They include the Waw an Namus in the great Saharan desert, and the Mediterranean coast. They are the best sites away from the city ruins full of scars from turmoil. Fully dominated by the Arabic heritage, the country’s customs, language, and part of history is Islamic.

Further, test the Libyans Culinary skills with their main dish, Libyan Couscous. It comprises beef stew, carrots, garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes, and spiced tomato sauce. It’s a heartwarming tasty local cuisine. Other local treats are Asida, Rub, Filfel Chuma, and Bureek.

With almost 100% of the population being Muslims, the main national fest with a treat of culture is Eid-el Fitr. It’s a three-day festival after Ramadan. It’s a food-oriented national celebration with all kinds of cuisines. 

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