Macedonia’s lengthy and violent history dates back well over two millennia. The country has seen several dynasties come and go due to its strategic location in the Balkans. As a result, Macedonia is home to a diverse population of ethnic groups, all of whom have contributed to the country’s rich history and the growth of Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

The bulk of Macedonian holidays and festivals are based on religious events or several significant events in the country’s long battle for independence, first from the Ottoman rule and then from Yugoslavia. Easter and Independence Day are two of the most important occasions.

Skopje and Orchid are the capitals of Macedonia’s restaurants and nightlife. However, Skopje’s recent modification of its licensing rules has halted late-night dance parties and other forms of celebration, even on weekends. Casinos are located in the central city hotels, and eating options include anything from high-end restaurants to back-street booths known for their traditional cuisine. International performers often appear at the city’s Universal Hall and City Stadium, and captioned movies are shown at mall cineplexes.

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