Madagascar stands out as the best place for nature explorations. It’s among the least explored continent with much of its surface still in pristine condition.

Starting with Ranomafana, it’s a national park rich in biodiversity. It is home to lemurs that are the main attractions. And Tsingy De Bemaraha, it’s a place with rare limestone formations, wildlife, and a UNESCO site. Hiking is allowed in this park as well as bird watching and game spotting.  At Ile Sainte Marie you can explore marine life and enjoy water activities. This includes whale sightseeing, diving, and surfing. And on Madagascar cuisine, Malagasy Cuisine is the main description of the Island’s major cuisine. It’s a reflection of the various cultures in Madagascar as well as historical influence. But what remains the same is that Romazava is the national dish. However, the preparation method and spices used to depend on the novice who prepares it. And if you want a true Madagascar experience, visit the Island in March. From urban buildings to streets and houses, you will notice color decoration.

It’s a traditional day for celebrating the new year as opposed to the 1st January we are used to. But it’s not all about untouched nature; places like Ambohimanga have a cultural significance to locals. It’s where the Malagacy race originated from and it stands out as a cultural identity. 

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