While it’s not the riches in Africa, Malawi is packed with incredible landscapes. From the great Lake Malawi to Great Rift Valley split, it’s heaven for explorers. It claims most scenic landscapes you won’t find anywhere in Africa. Hikers can enjoy a daring tour on Mt. Mulanje. The highest peak is at 3,000 meters with a scenic view of the landscape below. And if that doesn’t seem to appease you, try Zomba Plateau. The hiking trails lead you to breathtaking views of the plateau and its magnificent features. This includes the dam, waterfall, and escape from cities heat.

A trip to Dedza district grants you a chance to examine the Stone Age art, and this is at Chongoni Rock Art area. They are fascinating arts that are believed to relate to Malawi’s ritual ceremonies. At Nhotakota reserve, bird watchers can spot rare species of birds and also admire the elephants, buffalo, zebra, leopards, and antelopes.  As you go out for scenic adventures, stock your energy with Nsima, a staple dish, and Malawians favorite cuisine. In September, marvel at the Lakes of star festival. It’s an international fest held yearly at the shores of Lake Malawi. 

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