Several distinct factions throughout its history have controlled Malta. Each of them has left its stamp on the environment and culture. The Maltese is a creative, family-oriented people that appreciate cuisine, drink, music, and art. Although Malta has kept its language and created distinct cultural forms such as Gana folk music, the Catholic church has significantly affected the development of national customs.

Malta’s warm temperature makes it suitable for year-round celebrations, many of which are triggered by religious calendars, such as Easter and Holy Week. The Maltese love to eat, drink, and listen to music, and many events commemorate all three, such as the Delicata Wine Festivals. Malta vacations are a fantastic chance to reconnect with family and learn about the tiny nation’s history.

Maltese cuisine has a significant Italian flavor and is influenced by the Mediterranean. Seafood and locally cultivated foods such as rabbit, tomatoes, and beans are featured on most menus due to the island’s proximity to water. One of Malta’s most well-known meals is Venkata, rabbit marinated in bay leaves and wine. Pastizzi, a filled pastry with ricotta cheese or mashed peas, is another Maltese specialty. Malta is also a wine-producing country, so sample some local reds, whites, and sparkling bubbles.

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