Situated in the northwest corner of Africa, Mauritania is among the countries in the continent with Islamic heritage. Therefore, the language, customs, and history are all in line with it. On that note, this country is full of history, cultural heritage, and natural wonderment to appease all senses. On your visit, stop by Banc d’Arguin National Park. It’s a cool and pristine wild and a breeding ground for the largest flocks of migratory birds. And if you want similar amazement, consider Diawling National Park. It’s also a great bird hotspot for bird-watching. You can change the scenery completely by visiting Oualata. It’s one of the best-kept secret jewels of Mauritania. It has historic importance and is one of the best places to be.

When you feel hungry, consider Thieboudienne. It’s a coastal cuisine comprising rice and fish. In September, the country nationally honors the Tabaski festival. It’s a religious holiday in honor of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice. Lastly, the Mauritania Sahara visit ensures you have a taste of the North African major desert and the world’s largest desert. 

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