Like many other newly independent countries, Moldova has a rich history and fascinating culture that makes its citizens proud. The government is still striving to shake off the vestiges of the Soviet period and progress with modern Europe while maintaining its traditional values and distinct character.

Wine-related holidays and festivals and those commemorating Moldovia’s independence are popular in the country. Others pay homage to religious occasions, while others hold exciting concerts to celebrate the beloved music, song, and dance traditions. Moldovans love to party, and tourists may join in on the festivities.

Chisinau is a fantastic city for Foodies, with a large selection of inexpensive to mid-priced restaurants providing delectable Moldovan cuisine and pizza parlors on every corner for a quick lunch. Fresh local food and imported exotic fruits may be found at the markets, but picnic staples like sausages and prepared meats are better purchased from a grocery shop. Fine dining establishments provide foreign and fusion food at Western pricing while celebrating a memorable event. Food is available in cafés, bars, and taverns, and the famous drink is the famed local wine. Most places close about midnight, except clubs.

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