Montenegro is surrounded by Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo and was once part of Yugoslavia. The country has outstanding features such as the Adriatic coast, stunning karst mountain landscapes, fascinatingly old cities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and national parks. Podgorica, the capital, is recognized for its historic Turkish Kasbah town and the Budva Riviera, famed for its beach resorts and raucous nightlife.

Montenegro’s history and culture may be traced back to the dawn of Ancient Greece. Invasion, conflict, wars, and more wars have defined the history of Albania, as they have for the rest of the Balkan countries, culminating in the pain of Yugoslavia’s disintegration. The never-ending conflict has given rise to a distinctive, larger-than-life mentality focused on courage, loyalty, and patriotism, akin to Japan’s ancient Samurai culture.

If you enjoy festivals, Montenegro is the perfect destination for spending your holiday since various events are held around the country every month. Holidays and festivities in Montenegro are centered on religious festivals, cherished folk music and dance traditions, and seasonal changes. Kotor Carnival and Mimosa Festival are two of the most popular events.

Montenegro’s entertainment and nightlife are at their finest in the capital and beach resorts, with bustling dance clubs, welcoming pubs, and pulsating live music providing a taste of local beers as well as an opportunity to connect with the locals. Bars typically shut about 1:00 a.m., but many partygoers continue to the city’s basement clubs. The craziest nights are Friday and Saturday nights when half of the town descends on the open-air bars, which are only open during the summer. Restaurants in cities and resorts serve a wide variety of local and foreign cuisines, while contemporary cafés sell light snacks and strong coffee.

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