Resting on Africa’s northernmost tip, Morocco intertwines African, Middle East, and European cultures seamlessly. Geographically, it touches both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. As such, you can experience two climatic zones in the same region. Begin with Rabat, Morocco’s capital. It combines traditional form and modern architecture. Also, it’s the best place to learn the country’s history, through the national museum.

Speaking of history, Volubilis portrays roman civilization in the region. It was once an important Rome administrative center. Then consider a trip to Chefchaouen. It’s a scenic city and the best shopping place for souvenirs like hand-crafted art and woven blankets. The region also has a tasty goat cheese tourists are familiar with. A trip to Sahara Dessert spoils you with awe-inspiring Erg Chebbi dunes. They are about 150meters high. And if you want time off your busy excursions, consider Asilar and Essaouria. They are coastal towns with beautiful golden beaches for relaxation. And if you have a taste for dates, time the Erfoud Date Festival when the country’s major date harvest occurs. And lastly, order a plate of Couscous in any local eatery or restaurant. It’s Morocco’s main traditional dish. 

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