Namibia can be rough and tough due to the harsh desert climate. But, it’s also full of contrast due to the change of climate in some regions. That said, it has a unique charm that draws thousands of tourists to this destination. Found in southwest Africa, it’s among the driest region in Africa. With places like Sossusvlei, it’s home to the highest Sandunes in the world. Some are as tall as 350 meters.

When it comes to Wildlife, the climate doesn’t seem to affect diversity. Visitors can spot rhinos, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, and lions. And all these are available in Etosha National Park and Skeleton Coast National Park. For a change of scenery, visit the green Zambezi Region for a water-based safari.

To understand the way of life of the locals, visit Kaokoveld. It’s a cultural zone where you can interact with Himba people. Also, visitors can marvel at Maharero Day; it’s a traditional festival for celebrating heroes. Lastly, Oshifima is the Namibian traditional food you can enjoy with vegetables/ meat stew. The key ingredient is the Millet floor. 

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