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Seldom is a conversation ever had about the most beautiful places on Earth and the country of New Zealand is not brought up. Although it’s not a large country by any means, it boasts a wide variety of geographic features, from towering mountains to low, grassy plains. Many of these places can be seen in various movies including Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. To put it simply, it is probably the place that Bob Ross dreamed about every night before he painted.

Adding even more flare to the already amazing country, New Zealand is home to the Maori culture, one of the most unique cultures found anywhere in the world. Once known as being some of the fiercest warriors in the world, they now carry on their heritage by continuing to perform their ceremonial “hakas”. These were dances and chants that their warriors would perform in front of their enemies before going into battle. Now though, these dances performed as one of the highest honors anyone could get.

After you’ve taken a tour of the countryside and enjoyed the traditions of the locals, visitors have an endless list of things to do. Wine aficionados can check out some of the world famous vineyards. Those who enjoy a touch of the eclectic will love some of the seasonal festivals such as the Queenstown Winter Festival and the annual Easter Jazz Festival.

Overall though, New Zealand is one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the region. It’s a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. No matter what a person’s looking for in a vacation, they can surely find it here.

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