Nicaragua doesn’t boast of outstanding cultural attractions, but it makes up for its natural beauty. It has some of the most beautiful colonial cities, wildlife-rich rainforests, and deserted beaches. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and is one of the cheapest and safest countries.

Its large wild landscape makes the country a target for hikers, bikers, swimmers, and kayakers. The twin peaks of Ometepe Island, the Indío Maiz Biological Reserve, and the lake Nicaragua are all there for nature lovers.

For those who will instead stay in the city, Léon or Granada is all you need. Léon features the Maribios volcanic chain while Granada holds the Masaya’s volcanic park. Surfers can also enjoy the waves at San Juan del Sur.Nicaraguan cuisine is basically a combination of rice and beans, but some other typical dishes are grilled beef and chicken, fried green plantain chips (patacones), and freshwater fish.

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