Lying along the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is a startling paradise. Owing to its size, it has tons of surprises in store. From sprawling large cities to beautiful countryside, it’s a gem that awaits your exploration. Further, Nigeria is a diverse country with tourist attractions cutting across all sectors. There are great game reserves and national parks like Yankari Game Reserve, Kainji national Park, and Okumu national park. And each one offers a unique ambiance and animal collections.

If you are here for leisure and relaxation, Tarkwa Bay Beach is an exemplary place. Cultural and historical visitors on the other hand will love the views at Osun Sacred Groove and Kano City Walls respectively. And for a taste of Natural wonders, sites like Olumo rock, Zuma rocks also cultural, Ikogosi cold/warm spring are breathtaking.

Like most African countries, Nigeria has several cultural festivals. However, the renowned ones include the Yam festival, Felabration, Africa International Film festival, and Book festivals. Lastly, Jollof Rice is the best dish to mark your visit to Nigeria. 

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