Papua New Guinea

On the entire other end of the spectrum from tropical, “vacationesque” islands, we have Papua New Guinea, one of the most wild and untamed lands in the entire world. For as much as people fly over the land on their way to more popular destinations like Indonesia or Australia, they tend to forget that this volcanic country is largely unexplored, and that’s a fact. No one alive on Earth can speak truly for what lies in some of the deepest parts of Papua New Guinea’s forests.

Traveling outside of any larger cities, you’ll come face to face with a largely tribal population. Ornate costumes are coupled with face paintings. Small, skinny canoes go hand in hand with hand-woven fish traps that are used to catch the evening’s meals. Most of these tribes are friendly and curious of outsiders. However, should you decide to go exploring, you may end up encountering an uncontacted tribe; people who have never seen a white person, or a cell phone, or even a mirror. This is a very unlikely chance, but it illustrates how wild the country really is.Sticking with a more touristy feel though, visitors can enjoy everything from hiking an active volcano to diving with some of the ocean’s most colorful fish. It just depends on what you’re in the mood for though.

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