Paraguay is a country in the South-Central region of South America bordered by Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. It is a developing country with a population of seven million inhabitants. The Nation is known for being the second-largest producer of stevia, the fifth-largest soybean producer globally, and the ninth-largest exporter of beef.

Paraguay has many remarkable sights that serve as a tourist attraction, some of which include the Casa Mayor Art Gallery, Museo de la Memoria, National Pantheon of the Heroes, La Santisima Trinidad De Parana, and La Rosada. The country yet to have an official World Heritage Site has a list of sites to be considered as a World Heritage Site. Some of which include Paraguayan Pantanal, Parque National Tinfunke, Railway Complex, and English Village of Sapucai. 

The festival activities in Paraguay pose as an attraction to tourists because of their cultural and religious sssignificance. These include festivals like The Fiesta of San Blas, The Festival de San Juan, Holy Week Festival, Independence Day, and Encarnacion and Carnival Culture.

Paraguayan local cuisines are influenced by Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and Portuguese food. This diversity gives the dishes a variety of European and Latino flavours. Some of their best foods and beverages include Sopa Paraguaya, Chipa Almidon, Chipa, Pira Caldo, Terere, Pilsen, and Cocido.

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