The Middle Eastern country of Qatar, whose terrain encompasses an arid desert, dunes, and a long Arab shoreline of beaches, is located in Western Asia. Its capital, Doha, is situated, known for its ultramodern architecture and futuristic skyscrapers.

There are numerous notable locations and thousands of heritage sites to see in the beautiful country of Qatar as a tourist. However, the only one which is a UNESCO world heritage site is the Al Zubarah Fort, which is adjacent to the walled coastal town of Al Zubarah. Among the famous places to see in Qatar are the Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings, the Barzan Towers, the Al Koot Fort, and many others. Qatar is known for its beautiful landscapes, iconic architecture, and revolutionary buildings such as the Doha Tower, the Aspire Tower, Qatar National Convention Center, among others

Qatari cuisine is a blend of various influences from India, Persia, North Africa, and Lebanon. It includes dishes such as the Saloona, the Warak Enab, the Balateet, the Majboos, and the Kousa Mahshi. Coffee is the most popular drink in Qatar is served with dates or taken with sugar. Other popular beverages are Karak Chai, Limonana, and Karkadeh (hibiscus tea).

Qatar hosts various events and festivals such as the Aspire International Kite Festival, the Al-Shahaniya Camel Racing, and The Qatar International Art Festival, which garnered international attention.

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