Republic of the Congo

The Republic of Congo, found in west-central Africa, is often called Congo. Its capital is Brazzaville, the biggest city in the country. It shares a border with its neighboring country Democratic Republic of Congo which capital is Kinshasa.

Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo’s capital, is located on the Congo River with 4 million people. The Congo River, also called the Zaire River, is one of the largest rivers in the world and a tourist attraction center.

The official language in Congo is French and is the cheapest place in Africa to see nature and wildlife.

The famous places to go when visiting the Congo are Musee Cercle Africain (History of Congo Museum), Musee National du Congo (National Museum of Congo), Nouable- Ndoki National Park (Wildlife Areas). And the oldest national park in Africa is Vironga National Park in Congo, filled with gorillas, lions, elephants, and many animals.

The Republic of Congo is rich in natural resources like oil, potash, zinc, wood, copper, and gold, which exports in large quantities to other countries.

The Republic of Congo loves all its cultures, from traditional arts, painting, sculpture, music, and dance. Music is an essential part of the Congo, and its influence on Congo music is known around sub-Saharan Africa.

The people of Congo can’t do without maize and cassava, and their most popular foods include manioc, Fufu, Safou, Saltfish, Saka Sako, Goat stew, and plantain. The most popular drink in Congo is palm wine.

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