Saint Maarten

For decades, colonial powers fought over St Martin before it was peacefully divided between the French and the Dutch, resulting in the unique border relationship between the two countries that exist today. On both sides of the island, visitors will notice various cultural influences, ranging from French haute cuisine to the Dutch language, in this one-of-a-kind Caribbean nation.

The people of St Maarten are proud of their country’s position on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Annual boating events, such as the Regatta in March and the Alliance Race in November, whereby people across the continent attend. Spring Carnival is a significant festival on St Maarten, and it is celebrated on both sides of the island at the same time. It’s exciting crossing over to the French side at this time to see how the celebrations differ, but both sides celebrate in typical Caribbean flair.

Although St Maarten is a small country, the food here is perhaps the most interesting because you can taste international quality cuisines, including France, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Naturally, the restaurants must serve traditional Caribbean cuisine, and because St Maarten is an island country, fresh fish and seafood are always available. Many options suit all budgets, and restaurants on St Maarten consistently provide high-quality food to their customers.

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