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The country is known as the world’s smallest republic. This tiny republic is nestled on Italy’s east coast, encircled by the Emilia-Romagna region. San Marino is still a rather distinct bastion, despite its proximity to Italy and the adoption of many critical cultural features from its more prominent neighbor. Just ask the people. The nation-state is headquartered on Mount Titano, a UNESCO-listed peak home to the famous San Marino Old Town and Three Towers. Several settlements are placed at the foot of the mountain, like faithful people kneeling to their monarch, adding additional depth to this tiny state’s fascinating scenery.

San Marino’s holidays and festivals may not be well-known worldwide, but they provide plenty of enjoyment. Each year, Medieval Day is one of the most popular events. Students may dress up in costumes and relive the splendor of medieval San Marino during this special event. San Marino’s Day, a feast-filled celebration of the republic’s foundation many years ago, is another prominent event hosted in the city. Keep an eye out for the evening’s fireworks.

Italy surrounds San Marino. As a result, much of San Marino’s culture, especially its food, is heavily affected by its neighbor. Tourists will find many eateries in San Marino’s central city and the nearby communities at the bottom of the hill. There is an excellent selection of local favorites when it comes to cuisine. Although there are few self-service restaurants in San Marino, the majority of the restaurants are a la carte. San Marino produces high-quality wine, so visitors will be able to sample a wide variety of reds and whites when eating and partying around the nation.

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