Senegal is found in the western part of Africa and has several airs and maritime travel routes. It is popularly called the “Gateway to Africa.” Senegal is located at an ecological boundary covered with oceanfront, tropical rainforest, and semiarid grassland; all these diverse environments beautified the country with different types of plant and animal species. The country’s national symbols (the baobab tree and the lion) were selected based on the country’s rich natural heritage. 

Senegal possesses many UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Niokolo-Koba National Park, the Island Of Goree, Island Of Saint Louis, Saloum Delta, Stone Circles of Senegambia, and the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. 

Senegalese cuisine boasts of the richest cuisines in West Africa. Most of its cuisines are influenced by Vietnam, Portugal, the Middle East, France, and the Americas. The famous dishes in Senegal are Thieboudienne, Chicken Yassa, Caldou, Bassi Salte, Mafe, Lakhou Bissap, Firire, DOMODA, Pastels while the famous drink in Senegal is Bissap. This sweet juice is made from hibiscus flowers, sugar, water, mint, or orange blossom. Other drinks include Castel Beer, Ataya, Café Touba, and Palm Wine.

Traditional festivals and events held in Senegal are Abéné festival, Dakar big festival, the festival of the king in Oussouye, Le Fanal, exhibition, and Gorèe island.

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